Gantry Hire

Need a heavy lift? Tight for space? Need something Mobile?

We are in our element, especially in tight spaces. Our specialists can move a machine or production line with millimetre accuracy. No matter how complex a situation is, Heavylifts always has a solution.


We can transport our gantry across the country to suit you, we're always available to support your lifting needs


Strict maintenance and schedules increase our availability and reliability for our customers


We have years of experience in all aspects of gantry rental, gantry hire and a range of lifting tasks


We can transport our gantry to almost any location in the world

Heavy Lift Solutions

Heavylifts have the solution for you! We can offer a service using our new Mobile Gantry that will provide a symmetrical lift up to 14,000 kgs capacity on a good solid level floor, with a working Height range of 1.8 to 4.3 meters using the provided lifting rods.

Need your lift positioned accurately? With our system, on a multi-unit build, lifts can be positioned accurately onto levelling feet, accurately enough to bolt following lifts with reduced levelling time.

Mobile Gantry Hire & Gantry Rental

With a quick setup time it’s a winner!! Unlike other models of gantry we don’t need a special track which takes ages to setup and level.

No 3 phase power, no problem the Gantry can be provided with 100m length of cable and a 3 phase generator.

Operation!!! The Gantry is supplied with an operator and all our operators are AITT trained for your piece of mind.

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Safe, innovative lifting solutions with outstanding customer experience. We ensure a sustainable future for all our customers by providing them only with top-notch service every step of the way!

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We have the experience, knowledge and confidence to put safety first


Building confidence and trust with all of our clients

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We keep things simple for you to understand. Nothing is over-complicated


We work as a team, or integrate with your team to get the job done


Open to change and to make change. We’re always looking to improve


We have a passion for everything we do, including gantry rental

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Here are a gallery of photos of how Heavy Lifts go about moving some printing presses.