Common Industries That Can Make Use Of A Gantry Crane

Gantry Crane

If you have heavy loads to move, your business could benefit from using a gantry crane. A gantry crane is different from an overhead bridge system in that gantry cranes are not fixed in place, easily disassembled, rentable and easier on the budget. At Heavy Lifts, we have a bespoke gantry crane capable of lifting up to 14 tonnes.

The most common industries where you will find them in use can include,

So, Why Choose A Gantry Crane For Your Industry?

An overhead crane moves the loads that would be unsafe or impossible for humans to move. Gantry cranes are precision constructs that facilitate the smooth and efficient transfer of heavy loads. Using a gantry crane creates more open floor space while increasing safety and efficiency in handling your heavy loads. A gantry is often required to transport complex and often delicate equipment—expensive equipment that requires careful manoeuvring.

A gantry crane doesn’t have to be fixed into a building’s support framework, meaning you do not need to install permanent columns or runway beams. So using a gantry crane provides a cost-effective solution with obvious budget benefits.

A large gantry can run on rails or an embedded track in some dedicated work areas. For greater flexibility of use, you can move a smaller gantry system running on wheels or castors around the workplace to where needed.

Portable gantries are very adaptable for use outdoors or inside. They can hold a load while fabrication, assembly or maintenance occurs, allowing work on different parts of the load. In addition, you can move the gantry around the facility. 

A portable gantry is perfect for tight spaces, like placing a CT or MIR scanner into a hospital or installing a large printing press. Mining and power plant equipment and engines for ships and planes also require precision placement.

Why Choose HeavyLifts Mobile Gantry?

Our mobile gantry can lift to 14 tons, and with the HeavyLifts expertly trained AITT staff can accurately and safely place any heavy load. In addition, our gantries have assisted drives, plus back to front and side to side hydraulic rams. 

We offer you peace of mind when moving your heavy load. Our trained staff can quickly set up our gantry, which does not require a special track; we can even provide power for its operation if there is no access to the main power grid, which is especially useful when used in isolated areas. Plus, we offer worldwide rental for our gantry cranes as we operate from various locations throughout the UK and Europe. 

HeavyLifts is a company with 40 years of experience, and we have the solution for all your heavy load lifts. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements with our team.