How Can Heavy Lifts Assist The Medical Sector

Heavy Lifts

Technology and modern science are developing new and innovative ways to improve what is accessible to people in the medical sector, from diagnostic machines to data collection, research and devices to improve health and daily living activities.

Some of these innovations are small, like hearing aids, but some are big and heavy. Diagnostic equipment like CT (Computed Tomography) scanners, alongside MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and PET (Positron emission tomography) scanners are essential in modern hospitals, but placing them there can cause some issues.


HLME - Heavy & Large Medical Equipment

The installation of a new piece of heavy medical equipment can be challenging. There are a number of key factors to be considered before commencing with the project.

  • The final location of the device
  • Any structural, mechanical or electrical work required
  • Hazards & Safety measures 
  • Loading & Transportation tools
  • Management & Logistical support

The expertise to safely place one of these heavy yet fragile pieces of equipment is available from Heavy Lifts. 40-years of experience in the moving and installation of heavy equipment—that is often clumsy, awkwardly-shaped machinery—make us the professionals you need to move your medical equipment effectively and economically. We are specialists in tight places, accurately installing and placing your CT, MRI or PET machinery with millimetre accuracy.

Coordination & Planning

As with any installation, the team at Heavy Lifts will work together with the medical area project teams and equipment manufacturers. Again, obtaining the correct information in terms of accurate records and drawings facilitates the most cost-effective solution.

Moving HLME within a working hospital provides its own specific dynamics. Heavy Lifts have already undertaken several HLME installations using our mobile gantry, providing a fast, efficient service.

Our gantry, unlike other models, doesn’t need a particular track, so it has a rapid set-up time. We also have 100m of cable and a 3-phase generator for those areas where power is unavailable.

Using Heavy Lifts Mobile Gantry

At HeavyLifts, our experience spans a range of installation projects in areas like construction, printing and the medical sector. Our expertise is the best in placing these expensive and frequently awkward pieces of equipment. Our mobile gantry can lift to 14-tons, with its independent drives, can place any piece of machinery accurately—alongside assistance by the back to front and side to side hydraulic rams and our highly-trained AITT staff.

Several HLME may require some form of ceiling installation, for example, in some hybrid operating theatres or radiology areas. Including the CT or MIR scanner themselves, our gantry is one of the bests ways of safely installing these complex pieces of machinery, with a height range of 1.8 -4.3 metres using the provided lifting rods. Plus, we are well aware of keeping debris and dust to a minimum in these environments. 

We work as an integral part of your project team. It doesn’t matter how complex the situation is, HeavyLifts have a solution. Contact us to talk to the HeavyLifts specialist team. We can provide a quote for work globally or locally within the UK.



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