Portable Gantry

What Are Portable Gantry Services?

Offered by HeavyLifts, portable gantry services are when an overhead structure is used to lift and carry heavy equipment, machinery, and items such as large industrial gearboxes, engines, and any type of heavy industrial equipment required to be lifted and moved from one location to another.



How does Gantry Rental help?

HeavyLifts has been in the industry of lifting heavy machinery for over 40 years, having specialised in turnkey projects and project assistance with numerous lifts from one location to anywhere in the world, no matter the size and weight up to 14 tons.

The positioning of industrial machinery from location to location is meticulously handled by using back to front and side to side hydraulic rams. With the independent drives, any unit can be spun effortlessly to reduce installation times no matter the shape of the unit.

Are Low Ceilings a Problem?

Factory re-locations are a part of HeavyLifts expertise where complete re-location can take place with the company in full control, with your consent, and assist with dismantling and re-positioning equipment.

What Can a Gantry be Used For?

Large Printing Press

Primarily used in businesses for marketing and advertising, it is a piece of machinery that comes as a roll-to-roll, flatbed, or both to print large, less traditional pieces of material for graphics to be expressed more than usual. These types of printers are usually used for point of purchase displays, signage for trade shows, banners, and more.

Hospital Scanners

There are different types of scanners used in a hospital depending on the diagnosis and desired results. There are CT scans used to hone in on a diagnosis of diseases and injuries, an MRI scanner is a diagnostic machine that uses powerful magnetic fields to bring out an image, and an x-ray scanner is used to bring about images of bones, tissues, and organs, but to name a few.

The above machines are not typically carried by forklifts which is where HeavyLifts comes in to ensure that they are placed safely and correctly with a gantry.