What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Gantry Crane

The companies that hire gantry cranes from us are varied, as are the jobs we are asked to undertake. However, there is a process of deciding what you hire. Customers can contact us, Heavy Lifts, and talk about their needs, but we thought a blog might be helpful, especially for customers hiring a gantry crane for the first time or a refresher for those who have not hired a crane in a long time. Of course, safety and getting the job done efficiently are the priorities, but you need to know a few other things.

You Need A Lifting Plan

 A lifting plan is a set of strategies that facilitate the safe operation of a gantry crane in the environment it is placed into. When you hire a gantry crane from us, the experts to create your lifting plan for the job are part of the package. Below are the considerations that you will find in a lifting plan.

A Risk Assessment Needs To Be Done

Lifting any load has its dangers, and a risk assessment identifies potential hazards in the lifting process. But, again, when hiring from a reputable firm, this is an important aspect they can advise you on.

Know The Weight Of The Load To Be Lifted

Knowing the weight of the load enables you to look for the gantry lifts that will suit the job at hand. For example, we have a mobile gantry crane that can manoeuvre a 14-ton load. Several calculations must be made, and if you do not have the expertise, we do. 

Know The Area In Which The Load Is Being Lifted or Placed

Gantry cranes work outside and inside, and our new mobile gantry crane is ideal for those tricky spaces. For example, placing an MRI scanner in a hospital requires experienced operators and a gantry crane that adapts to the surroundings like our multi-system gantry crane, a fully modular mobile gantry crane.

Decide On The Crane Hire That Suits You

Different types of cranes are available for hire. The type of crane you need depends on the application and supporting structure. The kinds of gantry cranes you will come across include,

  • Full gantry crane – with 2-supporting legs that move on fixed rails.
  • Semi-gantry crane – one leg runs on a rail while the other uses a runway on a wall or vertical surface.
  • Portable gantry crane – can assemble & disassemble quickly, often used in difficult to reach locations.
  • Adjustable gantry cranes – these can be fixed or mobile, adaptable to your load requirements.
  • Single girder gantry cranes – for lifting lighter loads
  • Double girder gantry cranes – for heavy loads

Talk To The Experts

At Heavy Lifts, we have the experience, the gantry cranes and the trained personnel to tackle several different lifts. Our new portable gantry crane is available to hire worldwide. We bring the gantry crane to you, set it up and operate it. Our work sectors include industrial sites, construction, medical and specialised projects. So, contact us today and have a chat about your lifting needs.