Worldwide Portable Gantry Hire

Do you want to move heavy machines or lift industrial centrifuges that forklifts or cranes can’t access? Are you looking for an efficient and reliable company that’ll complete the task safely? At Heavylifts, we provide a diverse range of portable lifting services in the civil engineering and construction industry across the globe. Regardless of your machine size or weight, we’ll expeditiously relocate or move it to the intended destination.

We have modern equipment and skilled workmanship to complete even the most difficult lifting task. To hire our efficient gantry services, call us at 07525 718728 to schedule an appointment or get a free quote. Read on to find what makes us the best company to hire for all your heavy lifting tasks across the world.

We Ensure Compliance

At Heavylifts, we are a certified, licensed, and insured company in the UK. Our gantry services are all compliant with the Work Health and Safety Act. We understand that becoming compliant legally is the best way we can safeguard your site.

Our professional team is conversant with procedural guidelines for maintaining gantry safety while in operations. Before dispatching our portable gantries, we go through the safety drill, ensuring no faulty brakes or cracked welds. Despite the weight, the professionals will smoothly and safely lift your heavy machines without causing an incident.

Create Efficiencies

All our gantry systems are designed to provide efficient services despite the scope of work. Our Heavylift team follows the scheduled time frame in minimising the project downtime to keep the project within budget. To enhance efficiency, our gantry devices can go up and come down fast without interfering with other building projects.

Moving hefty machines in an industrial or construction area is challenging and time-consuming. Our crew’s focus lies in installing a movable and easy to rotate gantry during the designing phase. As such, the industrial devices and employees’ movement around the cranes is more efficient.

Adaptable System

Are you wondering whether we have gantries that can handle minor projects or only deal with megaprojects? Using our new mobile gantry, we can lift up to 14 tonnes to a height of between 1.8 and 4.3 meters on a flat, secure ground. Our crew is trained to handle all manner of projects in different environments. Also, we can customize it to suit different applications and possibilities without incurring further costs.

Our gantry inventory includes a variety of services that we can fabricate to suit your proposed dimensions. Using our gantry design, we can use it in difficult-to-access places. We use modules that workers can rotate and interconnect in innumerable ways. Hiring a mobile gantry from us guarantees you solutions that match the site configuration.

24/7 Coordination

Whether you want to offload heavy items from a truck or lift different devices, our services are available 24/7. We have an efficient hauling system that can navigate in different terrains in delivering our portable gantry. We are just one call away from you regardless of the hour.

Benefits of a Portable Gantry in Engine and Gearboxes HoistingGantry

Manual hoisting of truck engines from the chassis without proper devices is extremely difficult for mechanics. New innovations work better than in the past, when people tied straps around the tree and lifted engines.

Why Portable Gantry Is a Universal Solution

At Heavylifts, we have a mobile gantry that’s customizable to fit in different workspaces. Once our technicians arrive at the site, they adjust its framework to a 10-ft span or other required sizes. Our gantry is long enough to reach over a range of different heavy machines. We are the able lift and move engines and gearboxes, industrial centrifuges and a range of industrial equipment.

once the mobile gantry is loaded up, we are able to transport the object anywhere in the world. Our gantries are advanced and equipped with standard low-friction polyurethane casters that roll with ease while loaded. Additionally, gantry wheels when loaded prevent scarring on a range of different floor types.

Accurate Positioning

Lifting and fixing gearboxes to their rightful positions without a hoisting device is time-consuming and mind-wrecking. While using our hosting services, know that we can spin the engine to any position with the help of our effective back to front and side to side hydraulic rams. This ensures accurate positioning when moving machinery or engines into tight, specific positions.

How a Portable Gantry Lifts Industrial Centrifuges

The manufacturing industry is gradually embracing automation in the processing, inspection, packaging, and packaging processes. However, not every new manufacturer will afford to install a portable gantry or robots to help automate applications and processes. Here’s how Heavylifts portable gantry can help you achieve move different industrial equipment without financial strain.

Hoists Larger Loads

Are you looking for a device that will swiftly lift 14 tonnes of equipment and move it to up to 4.3 meters high? Our experienced professionals are trained to carefully and promptly move items weighing this much without causing a single incident. Once the experts detach the screws from the equipment, our crew will hoist the device to the preferred location immediately.

Suitable for Squeezed Areas

Interfering with the workspace can significantly lower the production levels of a company. Don’t get worried about how much space the gantry will take. Our mobile gantries are customizable to any size and take a few minutes to adjust. Two people are sufficient to operate the device and carry out the task.

Fast Equipment Relocation

Over time, industrial centrifuges demand repair or change due to tear and wear. Lifting the heavy equipment to pave the way for a new device is impossible without an advanced hoisting gadget. At Heavylifts, we not only hoist the devices but haul them to anywhere in the world.

Works Better in Low Ceilings

What do you do when the only machine capable of lifting the device is a crane? Portable gantries serve similar roles to cranes. They’re powerful and efficient in lifting different weights in areas that have low ceilings. Our team will design a gantry that fits the available space and operates without altering production when inspecting the site.

No Supervision Needed

Heavylifts has a fully trained in-house team that oversees the dismantlement and repositioning of various equipment. Our professionals will systematically dismantle each piece of equipment and load it up in our hauling trucks, ready for relocation. We handle the relocation stress for you, giving you time to concentrate on other things.

Efficient and Affordable

portable gantry rentalEquipment breakdown is a loss to production companies. As a company that values its customers, we respond to each call immediately. Using the provided details, our crew sets off for the task and pulls it through in minutes. If you’re worried that the breakdown might take days before a positive outcome, call us to have the job done in few hours.





Reliable Source of Power

Has your centrifuge breakdown interfered with the power supply, and are wondering how we’ll lift the equipment? All our portable gantries come with a 3-phase generator for power backup and long power cables for energy supply. Our operators come with an already setup gantry that only needs a power connection to function.

Wrapping Up

Are you looking for a unique, robust, portable, and manipulative gantry that’ll provide accurate handling of your engine or industrial centrifuge? Heavy lifts provides you with trained operators and great mobile gantries at a friendly price. For inquiries or free estimates, get in touch with us today.